Iconic tech accessories from Native Union
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Post date: 2019.06.07

“You touch your phone about 300 times each day. It seems logical to make this experience nicer.”

Catch up on the Native Union story. We are the only store in Budapest to carry these iconic tech accessories that have grown into a global brand.

The products of Hong Kong and Los Angeles-based Native Union are geared towards users of Apple products who actually care a great deal about the cases, chargers or cables they use for their mobile devices. The story of the brand started in 2009, when the two founders, Igor Duc and John Brunner met by accident.

Duc and Brunner were working in Hong Kong from a workspace for entrepreneurs and freelancers in the city. Duc ran a furniture-design start-up, while Brunner an industrial-design firm he’d started in London. They worked side by side, and almost exclusively on their mobile devices.


“With mobile technology, the old-fashioned way of working doesn’t exist anymore. Our eureka moment came when we recognised this new reality, this blurring of the lines, this union between work and play.”


People using mobile devices on a day-to-day basis are going crazy across the world for Native Union’s original and innovatively-designed accessories for Apple products. The brand is not just a popular choice for holiday gifting, it also makes everyday life more convenient for consumers. Duc and Brunner feel that the accessories market today is dominated by non-descript mass-produced plastics. In contrast, take the wonderful feeling of holding an iPhone case carved out of richly hued green Indian marble or a recharging base produced from aircraft-grade aluminium.

Each and every Native Union item is in stark contrast to bland, mass-produced products.

Clever design details, refined and elegant appearance and fine, hard-to-find materials. This is what describes Native Union accessories. Neither founder had any experience in the industry, but the power of kindred entrepreneurial spirit prevailed. The highly creative, idealistic pair share a commitment to business adventure to this day.

“We live on mobiles and we were frustrated with the quality of accessories,” Brunner says. Duc goes on to add: “There’s a very big discrepancy between the design of Apple products and the accessories used to support them. You touch your phone about 300 times each day. It seems logical to make this experience nicer.”

Native Union was born out of this shared passion.

Good design and well-made products do exist.

By combining the finest materials, functional design, and considered details, Native Union creates products with personality, that enhance the way you live with your tech.

“We use our tech all day, every day, and the accessories we choose should be more than just functional – they should express something about us as individuals”, goes the mission statement on the Native Union website.

Native Union’s award-winning design team is headed up by French-born Fabien Nauroy, who is motivated by three main principles: user experience, innovation through materials, and attention to detail. It is by staying true to these values that the company produces practical items such as, for instance, the charging cable with an eye-catching weight (varying from collection to collection), allowing the cable to stay in place and preventing it from slipping off the sofa or the table.

Which Native Union product is the one for you?

There’s the sustainably-produced phone case made from solid American timber, but we could also mention the charging and docking stations of the DOCK MARBLE COLLECTION, made all the more impressive through the wonderful tones of the marble used. Tom Dixon’s Stash collection or the brand’s newest collection by the name Terrazzo are also extraordinary electronic design accessories.

The best pieces of the Native Union collection are only available in Budapest at the Solinfo Shop.

Find us at Rumbach Sebestény st. 3, and get to know the eclectic collection of the brand.