The most valuable objects all have a story to tell
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Post date: 2019.07.22

The most valuable objects all have a story to tell. They help us recall important moments of our lives. Solinfo Shop’s wedding present expert helps select the home accessories that will accompany the couple on their shared journey. We have assembled a few gift ideas you can give the young couple for their wedding. Here is Solinfo Shop’s wedding present selection picked from Tom Dixon home accessories.

Tom Dixon’s tea-set is a veritable masterpiece. The designer knows no joke when it comes to the art of tea making. He examined the chemistry of tea-making, the alchemy of hot steaming water and tea leaves, and came up with the Bump collection whose pieces recall the equipment one sees in a laboratory. Conical, spherical and tubular. Finely-crafted, hand-made, with no two alike. Translucently pink and grey tones. The set is certain to become a ritual instrument of everyday tea ceremonies.

Each and every piece of Tom Dixon’s Brew collection campaigns for the art of coffee consumption. There are very few contemporary rituals left in our lives, but coffee consumption is eternal and can become even more elevated with the Tom Dixon coffee set. All Brew pieces are precision-engineered from stainless steel, with a hyper-reflective finish. We are very proud of the collection, and are certain that they will also be cherished ornaments of any kitchen counter, bar or occasional table. The designer has kept functionality firmly in mind. The solid base of the coffee-maker is balanced out by an elegant handle. It is an object of elegance for professional baristas, someone looking to make their Sunday mornings whole, or even if you’re just a post-dinner espresso aficionado.

This Tom Dixon table light – christened Bell – is a wonderful example of how to reduce the design of an appliance to the extreme. “Noble simplicity and quiet grandeur”, as they say. Bell is available in chrome, brass, copper, iridescent PVD blue and glossy black, with its polished, reflective surface allowing it to take on the characteristics of its surroundings. The lamps are set on heavy base, with stability in mind.

One of the most elegant pieces of the Plum family is the midnight blue glass bowl, perfect for serving anything from snacks to ice to complement your cocktail party. The other wonderful piece of Tom Dixon’s Plum collection is the wine cooler that is also mouth blown. Artisanal craftsmanship means that no two pieces of glassware will be the same.

Tom Dixon was inspired by architecture and sculpting when he created the Rock candleholder family. The collection also acts as a tribute to the designer’s long-standing love, marble.

The LID family is Tom Dixon’s idea of how to keep the bathroom, the dressing-table or your desk organised, while the boxes and lids used to keep order recall modernist sculptures. The piece of the collection are made from marble, heavy blue glass and copper.

The hand painted copper band lends true uniqueness to Tank glassware. In terms of design, the collection is exactly like the designer’s other home accessories: serving as objects of use and architectural works of art at the same time. Despite its simplicity, the four-piece shot glass set lends a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere to any light evening gathering.

Tom Dixon’s Bone bowls do truly evoke and bear a bone-like quality. The solid brass bowls with a matte finish are available in various sizes, each formed into an intricate, curved lattice. Beautiful, sculpture-like objects to be used for serving or as tabletop sculptures, as is generally true for Tom Dixon accessories.

The Hex family includes three bowl of different sizes, inspired by the geometry of hexagonal patterns. The copper bowl is highly versatile, and can be used to store and serve snacks, fruits or anything you desire, although it also acts as a beautiful decorative piece on any table.

Tom Dixon was inspired by the wooden containers used by Jain monks for food and storage when creating the five bowl of the Form collection. The collection contains finely-crafted, hand-made pieces formed from single sheets of brass or copper, perfected with techniques used by gold-panners of old. Each bowl is a testament to its maker, and as such is unique and special.

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