The latest from Molteni in Budapest
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Post date: 2021.02.02

Molteni’s Budapest store opened its doors in 2017, and in an effort to provide continued inspiration to design aficionados, the facility’s interiors have been revamped at the start of this year. Breath-taking spaces, from the living room to the bedroom, furnished with premium pieces of forward-thinking Italian design. We have been browsing through the newest offerings from the Molteni Flagship Store.

No two tables alike

Hugo is a multi-purpose occasional table that serves as an ideal companion for beautiful seating systems, facilitating more dynamic and functional compositions. With a surprisingly simple, but thoroughly wonderful structure, this is a truly contemporary piece of furniture.
Quality materials and refined simplicity make the Attico coffee tables timeless objects, while the Kew tables mesmerise with round shapes and forms. The metal details recall the large greenhouses of the Victorian era, such as the Kew Botanic Gardens. Kew is the perfect companion to the Kensington armchair, whose external and internal upholstery can be combined at will in textile or leather. An elegant and comfortable piece in any interior, perfect for relaxation.

Quality comfort

The Albert sofa system reflects the two key notions of Molteni&C: tradition and technology. A flexible and dynamic seating system, rich in detail, yet still floating and lightweight in appearance. The various components also work as individual pieces, meaning that the system as a whole is easy to adapt to any space.

With the Gregor sofa, Vincent Van Duysen continues his exploration into the world of ‘contemporary living’. The units of the Gregor modular system can be mixed and matched to give multiple combinations for the given living space, and the simplicity of design and soft generous cushions create a harmonious atmosphere ideal for conversation, reading or simply resting.

The Hubert table was designed by the Belgian designer specifically to go with the Gregor sofa, with its rounded angles echoing the sofa’s soft curves. The two wooden horizontal tops are joined by leather-covered vertical elements, which form a partially closed compartment between the top and the shelf below. The Hubert and the Gregor only truly give their best when seen next to one another.

The Elain’s cosy curves make it a pretty and sophisticated armchair. Consisting of only two parts, it fits easily into any setting, inviting you to spend the entire day in it reading your favourite book.

On the southern bank of the Thames, Greenwich is a tranquil and invigorating town far from the urban roar of nearby London. It is this feeling that the Greenwich – designed by Rodolfo Dordoni – reflects; a harmonious bed with contemporary, modern design.

Storage with a twist

The rotating elements of the Teorema storage unit mould and shift space before your eyes. Its drawers may be used as a single unit or stacked in a linear or offset mode, perfect for both the living room and the bedroom. Unexpected, yet harmonious and soothing. It’s no wonder that Teorema is a winner of the 2018 Wallpaper* Design Award.

Casper is a rigorous and minimalist design by Vincent Van Duysen. The smaller, single-drawer pieces function as a nightstand, while the larger, two or four-drawer pieces serve as a chest of drawers. Practical and simple, making them perfect accessories for any bedroom.

Pass-Word Evolution

Pass-Word, the living room system designed for contemporary homes, is radically seeking new ways of using domestic spaces. The growing presence of multimedia devices, alongside more traditional objects such as books and ornaments, provided the inspiration. The Pass-Word system is made up of marble, lacquered wood and metal elements, complemented by concealed LED lighting.

Molteni’s carefully designed Budapest showroom has seen an overhaul at the beginning of 2021 to serve as fresh inspiration to lovers of design. In the first weeks of the year, Solinfo is also burning up with the

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