Solinfo 30 – Design lifts you up!
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Post date: 2020.11.03

This year is testing each and every one of us. The impacts of the pandemic are forcing us to face unexpected challenges, which often make it seem as if these difficult days will never come to an end.
Yet, we are still inviting you to celebrate, as we believe that by focusing on the positive, together we can get through these unprecedented times.

Exactly 30 years have passed since we founded Solinfo. From our start as a simple lamp-shop in Király utca, we have grown to become key players in the design and lighting market. We could not have accomplished this without you and our team.
There are some among us who have been here since the very beginning, while others joined in recent years. For the past 30 years, hand in hand we have been striving to better lives through design.

Dreams have come true and are being realised day after day,
and we still have so much ambition within.


Our motto for Solinfo’s 30th birthday: Design lifts you up.

We believe that the objects we surround ourselves with or the spaces we live in have an impact on us and can be uplifting.

This is why we want to give you a gift each week in November.
Purchase your favourite pieces now with a 30% discount.
This is our gift to you.

Celebrate with us.
There is so much more ahead.

With love,
Zoltán Orbán and Krisztián Szetei
Owners of Solinfo Group


These special new designs are now available to you with a 30% discount in celebration of our birthday.


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