Back to School 2 – On the hunt for the best swivel chair
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Post date: 2019.09.07

Sometimes kids do their homework at a giant dining table, but on occasion quietly retreating into their room is best for them to quickly finish their assignments. In these cases, the chair they’re sitting in (or the desk they’re using for that matter) makes all the difference. The primary aspect is, of course, comfort, but it’s nice if the chair in question is also aesthetically pleasing.

Vitra has been developing and producing office chairs for over 40 years. We have selected some classics as well as a few contemporary pieces.

Alberto Meda’s Physix Studio design from 2017

An elegant seatstructure with a height-adjustable five-star base on castors. This lightweight office chair is ideal for a contemporary environment, placing emphasis on understated aesthetic, without having to compromise on ergonomy and comfort.

Meet the Rookie, a very recent design from 2018 by Konstantin Grcic

Compact, agile and by no means robust. An unconventionally simple form. It provides a high level of immediate comfort with a minimal number of adjustments.

Fauteuil Direction Pivotant from 1951, designed by Jean Prouvé

Design fanatics are surely familiar with this particular chair. A form that is immediately recognisable, with the characteristic, distinctive features of a different era all in place. The swivel seat of Fauteuil Direction Pivotant is height adjustable, and the backward tilt mechanism can be adapted to the individual user’s weight. These features are paired with the generous upholstery to ensure optimum comfort. Leather or fabric covers are available in many different colours, making it easy to find the ideal chair for any study corner, business workplace or home office.

2014, Allstar, a design by Konstantin Grcic

Among the swivel chairs from Vitra, the Allstar is perhaps the one where there is no question that it is equally in place in a child’s or a teenager’s room. Playful and colourful, truly at home in a child-friendly house. Its round contours signal the promise of great comfort. Ideal for the home office as well.

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