Maison & Objet Paris, January 2020
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Post date: 2020.02.05

At the beginning of 2020, the world’s most prestigious interior designers gathered in Paris, hosting the most celebrated event in the design world from January 17th to 21st. At the Maison & Objet International Exhibition more than 2,500 participating companies, including 636 new exhibitors, were exhibited in 8 halls this year. During the event, many ideas and inspirations changed hands, and both the exhibitors and visitors had the chance to admire countless new decorations, pieces of furniture, accessories, textiles and more. Every year, Solinfo visits the event and brings new innovations in furniture, lighting and accessories to its partners first hand.

Our subjective selection related to what’s new this year comes below and these are the things that we really liked.

First, focus on color blue! In 2020, the Pantone Color of the Year is classic blue, and as a result, more and more blue has appeared in interiors. We just loved it! Now it’s your turn to choose something blue this year! Solinfo represents nearly 400 high-end design brands in Hungary. From our partners’ outstanding selection we recommend the following pieces:

1. DESIGN BY US – Ballroom Pendant

Every single piece of the original Ballroom series is mouth-blown, hand painted, with bronze or silver on the edge. This iconic lamp looks good in every space and can play many roles. It shows humorous curiosity as a small group of spheres of different colors or even placing simple smoky glasses side by side.

2. Animal pattern decorations

The color of the Hübsch vase, for example, evokes an animal pattern and the irregular, almost moving shape makes this piece even more special. Because of this, it can be used not only as a vase but also as a flower-free decorative piece or it can be used to cheer neutral surfaces up.

3. Design letters – necklace

The new necklaces of Design Letters Valentine’s Day was a great success. The peculiarity of these items is that we can choose any number, letter or small shape for our piece, but we can buy the pendants separately without the chain, so that we can put them on our existing accessories. Such a custom-designed necklace can be a truly special and personalized Valentine’s Day gift.

4. What’s new in Native Union

Handmade leather AirPod holders are characterized by restrained design and smart use of colors. This holder allows you to load and carry your AirPods in style without any extra effort. The Native Union Clic View is a grooved phone case designed with minimalism in mind. Combined with the sleek look of the iPhone, this ribbed case basically gives your phone everyday protection and stylish look to your phone. Of course, Clic View is compatible with a wireless charger.

As the Solinfo Shop webshop becomes available in February 2020, we have noticed some manufacturers that we welcome as a new partner.Here comes some winning pieces from them.

5. Noah & Grey – The Lily Lantern

A truly wireless lantern powered by magic gestures. The designers used their inspiration to create a lamp that combines antique nautical pieces with a hint of nostalgia and modern solutions. This playful duality takes us out of monotonous weekdays. And what makes this lamp so magical? You can simply change the brightness by turning it. The lamp has no external wires and can be charged using a wireless charger, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

6. XLBoom – Carry Away Desk Accessories

Alain Gilles and XLBoom have created in collaboration the Carry Away product line, which is suitable for both home and office use. Carry Away consists of a basket, a letterweight and a low-cut bowl, which make the everyday life of employers and employees easier and more organized. Each piece can be purchased as a set and separately.

7. Brita Sweden – patterned rugs

Brita Sweden is a Swedish family business based in Stockholm that designs sustainable, high quality woolen blankets, rugs and runners. Their soft, patterned vinyl rugs are made in Sweden. Graphic design and soft material are especially designed for the long haul and give our home a Scandinavian feel for as long as we wish.

And one further interesting point about the exhibition

What’s interesting about 2020 is that the Mickey Mouse is 90 years old this year, so it’s featured by many brands in its own design. As part of this, Leblon Delienne asked several renowned designers, including Marcell Wanders, to design a unique Mickey Mouse.