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Post date: 2019.09.25

Between 6 and 10 September, the key players of the design world temporarily moved their base of operations to Paris. Maison & Objet is an international trade show providing insight into the very latest trends in the areas of home decoration, interior design, architecture and lifestyle, among others. This year saw a total of 3,136 exhibitors in attendance. The Solinfo team was, of course, was also present to get a first hand look at the latest innovations by brands in terms of home accessories. These were our favourite items.

Normann Copenhagen / Junto

The Simon Legald-designed Junto series from Normann Copenhagen is inspired by traditional Spanish ceramics. The design is both rigorous and soft, with a hearty, hand-made feel from its rustic, fired terracotta. The Junto carafe and cups are joined by oil and vinegar bottles, salt and pepper shakers and a wide selection of bowls and dishes serving as both wonderful table accessories and useful kitchen objects. The range also has large serving bowls for salads and small dishes for tapas, snacks and desserts, as the opportunities offered by this versatile set are manifold. All of the pieces share a delicate interplay between surfaces that are both matte and glazed, grooved and smooth. The Junto pieces also interact superbly with your existing porcelain. The earthy red colours of terracotta bring depth and glow to the interior, and introduce a touch of southern Mediterranean warmth to your table.

Umage / Audacious Tv Bench, The Reader Ottoman

Umage arrived in Paris with two furniture items that we simply couldn’t not tell you about. The brand’s multipurpose bench also doubles as a television stand. If used in the living room for the latter purpose, it allows you to store all AV equipment and decoders, while also making it easy to hide messy cords. Placed in the hallway, it will store all your outdoor clothing, while you can take a seat as you put on your shoes. Umage also presented a new ottoman at the fair, aiming to make The Reader wing chair even more comfortable. The solid oak legs are visually lifted from the base, adding a light character to the design. The shape of the cushions have been designed to mirror the shell-shape of the seat. There is a palette of Scandinavian colours on offer for the upholstery, but other leathers from Kvadrat and Sorensen are also available on request.

Ibride / Yuan Eden

This vase goes by the name of Yuan Eden, and is the result of the collaboration between Ibride and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. We said vase, but looks can be deceiving as it’s so much more. Its clean shape pays tribute to a vase, but its graphic content is quite another story… Once separated, the subtle dishware container immerses the guests in a puzzling Garden of Eden. Yuan Eden is the story of an enchanting garden with mysterious golden fruit, where tiny white butterflies invite us to go astray. Each butterfly’s wing beckons us to fly over bodies, to delicately caress fruit and bare skin. Perfect for everyday use to set an entire table and enhance the appeal of every meal.

Fermob / Balad

Fermob’s BALAD lamp family now has a new member. The French manufacturer’s outdoor light adventure continues with the launch of a lamp only 12 cm in size, with form reminiscent of its big brothers. It is small enough to be placed on any surface and can nestle in corners, on window sills, tables, or tree stumps. This is Fermob’s first miniature moveable outdoor lamp. It’s a firm favourite with the technical qualities of its elders, offering three light colour temperatures: neutral white (100%), cool white (100%) and the so-called shimmering candle (at 2300°K). Three and a half hours of charging provides illumination for up to 10-14 hours.

Brokis / Ivy

The latest offering from Brokis is Ivy. A model with a unique lighting concept from designer Lucie Koldova. Just as a plant grows and climbs up the walls of a house, creating multiple images, Ivy offers a special system of modular components, thanks to which it can be used to achieve a highly innovative take on decorative lighting in both vertical and horizontal compositions. The collection features three sizes with opal or smoke glass. Variable, elegant, and precise in workmanship all the way down to the smallest detail, Ivy is a high-tech lighting concept well suited to both commercial and residential applications. In intimate home settings, for example, a single elegant branch may be sufficient, or multiple branches can be joined together to create a curtain of light.

Petite Friture / Francis Mirror

Petite Friture’s Francis family, comprising several tables and mirrors, drew inspiration directly from an artist’s studio. During a visit to a painter’s workshop, designer Constance Guisset was struck by the beauty of the moving pigments that swirled off the paintbrush as it was dipped into water. Constance recreated the movement she saw by working meticulously with watercolour paints. The images she produced were digitally altered to accentuate the transparency of colour and to heighten the sense of colourful, flowing movement. The large-scale mirror with its blue and violet watercolours and impressive span of 110 cm, takes the collection to newer horizons. A mirror beyond all measure that brings strength and finesse to interior design. The shape of the mirror’s back is evocative of large venetian mirrors, the slightly tapered, spinning-top curves push the mirror slightly off the wall at an angle, giving a greater sense of perspective than with traditional mirrors.