Solinfo Design Lab

All about wood

Creating and representing our own design brands is the mission of Solinfo Group, which is why we established the Solinfo Design Lab division. Find out more about the internationally recognised MOKO Interior, Timbart and Odie’s brands.

Timbart technology

Timbart is a contractor company and woodworking workshop manufacturing wooden flooring and solid wood furniture, using a highly sought after procedure of surface treatment. Natural tones or extreme colours? As a result of using Timbart technology, the wood-grain may be completely different from the original tones for our most exclusive products in terms of colour.


MOKO Interior

3D wall panels made from wood and inspired by mountains, valleys, rivers and deserts. Unique Hungarian 3-dimensional wooden wall coverings. MOKO is built upon decades of woodworking and manufacturing experience, with inspiration drawn from interior design know-how.


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