Bloom by Solinfo
Flower. Styling. Creations.

Introducing our flower workshop, Bloom by Solinfo.

From home styling to event decoration, the Solinfo Group's latest service covers it all. All our creations are made to order by our team of floral stylists, after consultation, to ensure that the final result meets all your needs.


Our services

  • You can order fresh flower service for your home or office, but we also provide flower decorations for hotels, restaurants, shops or showrooms.
  • Our team will make sure to always have fresh flowers to suit your taste in the space you designate. We assess, prepare, deliver, and place the flowers.
  • Bloom by Solinfo also takes care of the floral and plant decoration of public buildings, events, special occasions, photo shoots or filming.


Opening Hours

Customer reception only at a pre-arranged time. Registration: +36 30 110 7945


1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén utca 3.
+36 30 110 7945