Roche Bobois summer 2021 collection
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Post date: 2021.06.18

As a leading French player in the world of high-end furniture design and distribution, Roche Bobois comes up with beautiful and innovative pieces of furniture year after year, season after season.

A table that transforms the way we think about design

With the Corail table, Roche Bobois is a world leader in its ambition to transform the relationship between customer and design, and industry and distribution. The base of the table is 3D-printed and fully customisable. In addition to the manufacturing method, the software that allows customers to design the table themselves is a major technological innovation: they can choose the shape and size, whether they want the pattern to look like a weaving, and see the whole concept before the table is even manufactured. This technology also allows the design of a piece of furniture to be sent as a digital file from one part of the world to another so that the pieces can be produced in local factories – a sustainable, environmentally conscious solution.
The unique shape of the Corail table evokes mushrooms growing on the trunks of trees, deep-sea coral reefs, and baroque shell shapes. It is a stunning piece of furniture inspired by the beauty of nature’s imperfections, giving free rein to our imagination.

Stunning colours both indoors and outdoors.
For outdoor furniture, the soft, rounded curves immediately catch the eye, in the soft blue tones of a dreamy lagoon. The shape of the Pekin lamp evokes a fishing rod suspended from a jetty over a calmly undulating sea. The Informel outdoor sofa is upholstered in an extremely soft and flexible fabric that gently hugs the curves of the sofa.
The gentle, washed-out terracotta, pink and greige shades create an alluring ambience. The Nappe pendants are inspired by tassels hanging as ornaments, while the Silo table top balances on cylinders of different diameters and heights.

Eternal design trends from the ’20s to the ’90s

The Roaring Twenties – Born out of the euphoria and wild creativity of the years following the end of the First World War, the Art Deco movement is a fusion of decorative elements that never goes out of fashion. In the Hyago sofa, the basket shape of the 1920s is given a contemporary twist, while on the Yumi rug, symbols of abundance and prosperity, two Koi swim peacefully in a woven pond.

Haute Couture – Inspired by the great decorators of the 20th century, Roche Bobois’ Haute Couture line boasts impeccable finishes. The delicate woodwork of the Park Lane furniture is reminiscent of the Art Deco period with geometric inlays.

Neo-brutalism – Raw materials, solid shapes and dark colours; free from frills and frills. The brutalist trend of the 1950s and 1980s is back, albeit in a muted form. The top of the Calligraphie desk is like a folded wooden board, while the design of the Rio Ipanema desk reflects the ideas of the Brazilian pioneers of Brutalist style.

Soft and soft seventies – Rounded shapes and curves combined with bright colours and white tones show the rich creativity of the seventies. The chunky shapes of the Michelin-style Intermede sofa suggest playfulness; the perfect place to curl up with your favourite book in hand.

Blob – In the 1990s, the Blob movement spread to the world of design and architecture. Organic shapes, waves and bubbles emerge, while the trend itself is driven by the emergence and development of new technologies.
This unique duality is also reflected in the Bubble sofa and the Cactus lamp, which evokes the sight of UFOs.

“For many of us, the past year has been an opportunity to reclaim our living spaces; this rediscovered joy has called for new advice and suggestions. We have sought to meet this need while keeping our focus on our customers and keeping up with the latest trends. Roche Bobois’ new summer collection presents brand new designs, with some truly revolutionary creations.

2021 is full of events and surprises, which we will reveal in the coming months. Whatever the year holds for us, creativity and innovation will remain our watchwords.”

– Nicolas Roche, Creative Director, Roche Bobois