Stay at home! – Lets’s refresh our living spaces!
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Post date: 2020.04.23

It’s time to flood our living spaces with a delicious feeling of freshness. Even a few new accessories can be something good to look at in our living room and terrace. Countless ideas and a truly special solution are also offered by Solinfo experts in the compilation below.

A very special solution: Kettal outdoor living room

VDL Pavilion

The Kettal pavilion has a ceiling skylight, an optional side wall (Kaufmann shutter or electric mini shutter) and a ceramic floor. The electrical system of the pavilion can be controlled through an application.

Molo sofa

Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, it is a 4-seater sofa available in countless colors and patterns.

Half Dome floor lamp

The Half Dome outdoor floor lamp stretches high to create the image of the Moon appearing above us in the sky. Available in two versions, all in all in 34 colors.

Outdoor carpet

The outdoor rugs, designed by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien, follow an abstract geometric pattern.

Teak dining chair and armchair

These two chairs are part of the Patricia Urquiola Band collection. The main thought behind the Band is to break down the structure to the basics. It deliberately challenges classic sophisticated furniture design and so becomes schematic.

Lot – Broste Copenhagen

Luxury and relaxation – this is the Broste Copenhagen cane hanging chair. Made of durable, strong reed, which makes it really durable. The Lot is a real classic, great to combine with a soft blanket and pillow.

73V – Bocci

This beautiful light fitting further expands the technique used to create Bocci’s popular 73 series. The 73V is an elongated, gradient pendant in which molten glass is blown into a folded, heat-resistant ceramic fabric. The shape and texture of the shape thus created reminds us of fabric.

28 – Bocci

28 is the result of an innovative manufacturing process meaning that the direction and temperature of the air blown into the glass are also artificially controlled. The result is a slightly deformed sphere that is available in countless colors and combinations.

Aggie – Broste Copenhagen

Balance of design and functionality – Broste Copenhagen Aggie baskets are both decorative and well-utilized. The seaweed basket is available in different sizes and is great for storing blankets, pillows, towels or even children’s toys. Made of natural materials, its neutral colors fit perfectly into any interior.

Salt cup – Broste Copenhagen

The Salt cup and saucer are both a rustic and modern coffee set with hand-painted edged glazed pottery. Its black and white hue was inspired by natural mineral salts. Each piece is handmade – the small differences that result from it make them truly unique.

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Salt dessert plate and salt plate – Broste Copenhagen

Minimalist dessert plates from Broste Copenhagen. All pieces in the Salt collection are handmade, their black and white painting inspired by natural mineral salts.

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Ginko – Brita Sweden

Brita Sweden is a Swedish family business with headquarters in Stockholm. High quality products are designed and manufactured focusing on sustainability of the products Their Ginko collection is just like that: pillows and blankets are made from recycled cotton.

Dots Ceramic – Muuto

Dots Ceramic gives an artistic look to the Muuto icon. Fired earthenware with reactive glaze – this workmanship gives it a unique, clean look while reaching back to traditional craftsmanship. Vary it in different colors and sizes, make your interior special.

Wallpaper – WallPepper

You can express your creativity in countless ways, and when it comes to interior design, the wall becomes your painting canvas to help you express your emotions. WallPepper prints your wallpaper on quality, eco-friendly material.

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