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Post date: 2020.05.05

Sometimes we need a little time to relax and release the stress and fatigue of everyday life. A little time that we dedicate only to ourselves: when we take a pleasant bath, light a scented candle, maybe put our thoughts on paper, paint, or just listen to our favourite performer. That’s when we live just a little bit for ourselves. In this selection compiled by Solinfo experts, we introduce accessories for creating a home spa experience.

Orientalist Body Duo – Tom Dixon

The Eclectic shower gel and body lotion gently cleanses, nourishes and makes the skin fragrant. The shower gel is designed for frequent use, gently cleanses the skin without drying it.

Air scented candle and diffuser – Tom Dixon

The light, lively, fresh scent of Air is defined by rose pepper, white tea, Neroli oil, orange blossom and white musk with floral notes. Use it as a scented candle or diffuser and let this simple, yet characteristic scent wafting through your favourite room.

Eclectic Orientalist gift set – Tom Dixon

Inspired by the floral charm of Indian weddings, the gift set includes a hand wash, a hand lotion and a scented candle. Scents included: head: cassis and violet leaf, heart: rose, magnolia, geranium, cloves and cinnamon, base: patchouli, amber and musk. It can be ordered from the Solinfo webshop.

Apothecary hand cream – Frama

Apothecary hand cream has a unique, characteristic scent of Frama. It naturally provides a fresh and fragrant moisturizing effect that refreshes and softens your hands. Extremely gentle on the skin, does not leave a sticky feeling after use. Scent notes: sandalwood, cedar, ylang-ylang.

CM-1 mirror – Frama

When occasion serves, we meet some shapes and forms that speak for themselves. Round mirrors are just like that. The CM-1 is a classic round mirror inspired by the 50s with a faceted edge, an oak frame and a back – this material combination makes it look contemplative.

From Soil to Form – Frama

The From Soil to Form is a natural diffuser made from Korean soil (hwangto) and wood. The pine box of the diffuser contains nine spheres formed of red soil, to which essential oil must be poured. The red soil gently evaporates the scent and helps to balance the humidity in the room. The product From Soil was created in collaboration with the Be My Guest creative studio in Seoul.

Ceramic plate – Hübsch

Soft pink coloured concrete-ceramic bowls from the Danish Hübsch. A great accessory for a modern, stylish home.

Versi marble tray – Editions Milano

Designed by Patricia Urquiola, the Versi collection is part of Editions Milano’s first trays. This unique kitchen accessory is handmade from Fior di Pesco Carnico or Rosso French marble.

Versi centerpiece – Editions Milano

The piece made of Red Levanto or Arabescato marble can be used not only as a table decoration, but also for storing fresh fruits or biscuits. As part of the Versi collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola, it can easily find its place in both contemporary and traditional settings.

Versi ice bucket – Editions Milano

The Versi ice bucket is made of the best quality Fior di Pesco Carnico or Carrara Gioia marbles. A unique piece from the Versi collection designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Gloria – Klong

Klong’s sophisticated candle holder is available in bronze or silver, its shape depicts the shape and glow of the candle’s flame. Gloria can also be used as a vase with a glass insert; a few strands of flowers can be a subdued, delicate addition to your home.

Flip – Normann Copenhagen

Designed by Spain’s Javier Moreno Studio, the Flip table mirror consciously avoids the world of geometric shapes and strives for a more organic, freer design. The tray at the bottom can be used to store jewelry and accessories.

Imprint – Normann Copenhagen

You can add the Imprint towel to your home spa experience: its blue  purple colour is soothing to the eyes and its feel is extremely soft. Its subtle tones and minimalist lines make it a perfect addition to your bathroom.

Framed Mirror – Muuto

Framed Mirror is made of powder-coated tinted glass with a steel frame; a classic mirror in artistic workmanship. Available in two sizes and three colors.

Bath – Menu

Menu bathroom accessories were designed by Norm Architects. These accessories are not only practical, but give their bathroom a modern look thanks to their sleek shape and simple black color.

Wilfred – Missoni Home

Wilfred towels are made of 100% cotton with multicolored decoration and black and white extensions. The perfect accessory for a colourful, bohemian bathroom.