Stay With The Light – A special community project from the Solinfo Group team
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Post date: 2020.04.15

The events of recent weeks have been experienced by many as a struggle between light and darkness. One of the most important things to remember is not to get lost in our gloomy thoughts, to look to the future with confidence, to stay on the side of light.

“No matter how small the light is, stay with it,” – a quote from a Buddhist teacher. Light has always been an important symbol for humanity: it embodies hope, a new beginning, the promise of a happier tomorrow. These days, even a tiny ray of light can bring a smile to our face.

Guided by these thoughts, Solinfo Group, Hungary’s market-leading design center and lighting design office, invites people to take a picture or make a video at the evening of a light source or a lamp and publish it with #staywiththelight #stayathome hashtags.

The Solinfo team is also involved in the project, it is worth following the Solinfo Group community pages for their videos on Facebook and Instagram.

In the darkness wake up, rise up & light will shine on you.

You can view the introductory invitation made for the campaign here:

Solinfo Campaign | SUNRISE

Solinfo Campaign | GOLDEN HOUR

Solinfo Campaign | SUNSET