Back to school and work selection
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Category: Inspiration
Post date: 2023.08.17

As the summer slowly comes to an end, it’s time to get back to business as usual. To refresh our home working environment, we have a carefully selected range of products that not only support creativity but also keep us focused. And for students, we can create a unique study corner, where functionality and unique design combine to inspire imagination and the desire to learn. Inspired by our home stylist expert Fanni Bodrogi, we’ve created three moodboards: a girl’s study corner, a boy’s study corner and a home office. Each selection features functionality, products from leading furniture manufacturers and the highest quality materials to make the return to daily routines an enjoyable and productive time.

When designing a study corner for girls, we emphasize femininity and understated elegance, aiming to create a truly pleasant studying experience. We have chosen products that exude delicate, feminine colors to establish an inspiring atmosphere for work. The Montana desk and organizer, for example, are not only practical but also customizable, available in 43 different colors, ensuring everyone finds their perfect match. The Lintex mood board allows you to keep favorite memories or important tasks always in sight, contributing to effective and motivated work. With harmoniously coordinated elements, we can transform the space into a joyful learning environment.

A genuine teenage study corner highlights a dynamic and versatile environment, which is easily adaptable and can be transformed into a home office for the future. Black and gray colors dominate the interior, contributing to the reinforcement of focus and concentration. The Hay modular system enables flexible expansion, allowing for the addition of new elements year after year, ensuring that the study corner always adjusts to current needs and growth. The environment offers inspiring and ergonomic opportunities for effective work and study.

Designed in the spirit of true Scandinavian interior, the home office creates a cozy and inspiring atmosphere. Carefully designed, functional furniture and the use of high-quality materials – such as walnut and wool – collectively elevate and add elegance to this space. In this environment, work becomes a source of joy as individuals feel truly comfortable. Plants also play an important role here, as they are essential for creating an inspiring home office and contribute to maintaining freshness and vitality.

If you liked the showcased products and feel motivated to refresh your home office, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team at The mood boards were crafted by our expert home stylist, Fanni Bodrogi, whose website provides further insights into her outstanding work. Allow the new and inspiring environment to make your everyday work and study even more efficient and enjoyable.