Veneta Cucine

1073 Budapest, Kertész u. 50

The family business with a history of over half a century, Veneta Cucine, is a defining figure in Italy’s kitchen furniture production, having grown from a small local enterprise into a significant multinational corporation. The venture, which started in the Treviso province in 1967, now employs 800 individuals and offers a selection of 10 systems and 40 models, along with 300 color and material combinations, catering to unique needs. Veneta Cucine’s mission is to create kitchens that blend artisanal traditions with new trends, making design accessible, which you can now discover in downtown Budapest, on Kertész Street only a few minutes walk from Solinfo HQ.

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Budapest showroom

Discover Budapest's largest kitchen showroom by Veneta Cucine, which spans an impressive 500 square meters. The three-story showroom presents ten exclusive kitchens that enrich home design with inspiring solutions. The unique experience is further enhanced by the Kerakoll-adorned surfaces, where Vibia lamps, Home of Solinfo accessories, and custom madeTimbart tables perfectly complement the interior styles.

Perfect customization

Veneta Cucine kitchens embody true uniqueness. The selection consists of ten systems and forty models, built on five different structures and available in three hundred color and material combinations. As a result, everyone can find the perfectly tailored kitchen that matches their individuality and style from the endless array of options.

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