Introducing Timbart’s first table collection: Customized design tables made especially for you.
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Post date: 2020.04.23

The continuous testing and development processes of the Solinfo Group Design Lab, the raw materials selected with great expertise and the unique manufacturing technology gave birth to the Timbart table collection.

The professional founder of Timbart is Márk Cselovszki. His love for solid wood came from his uncle’s family business. Pro Wood Floors Inc. is based in New York State and has references in Manhattan such as the manufacture and construction of the floor inlays of Tiffany & Co. jewelry store on the 5th Avenue, but has also worked in UN headquarters meeting rooms and in the villas of celebrities.

Not surprising that Márk wanted to bring this knowledge and commitment to the manufacture of wood floors and custom solid wood furniture from the US to Hungary. Timbart is not an average hardwood flooring company or carpentry workshop. The family is working with wood with the highest possible level of quality. Timbart’s first table collection features solid wood meeting and dining tables as well as console tables. Each piece can be easily placed in the meeting rooms of design offices, in the living rooms or dining rooms of private homes.

The founder of Timbart, Márk Cselovszki, tells us more about the process of creation.

This is Timbart’s first table collection. How can we envision the design process? How did you match the tabletops with the legs?

This is indeed the very first Timbart collection, but I have had the opportunity to work on similar projects before. In 2016, I worked in my uncle’s family business in New York. We made many kinds of wooden furniture not just hardwood floors.

Dreaming of this collection was literally a gift from nature. I run frequently in the woods near our family house. The colors, materials and shapes of the table collection were all born there. Then came the design phase and the feasibility. I am proud to say that everything was handcrafted for this collection. It was like the birth of your first child, you’re not so sure about many things, so one needs to listen to his intuitive side.

Of course, technical drawings and computer work were not left out of the design either. With our colleagues, we modelled everything from the type of the material to the surface finish. However, a more detailed revelation of this process would reveal many “workshop secrets” that can make Timbart unique and special on the market. Our manufacturing technology is very unusual, relying on the huge professional routine of my colleagues and the secret recipes of TIMBART reactive stains.

What makes the collection special? Timbart announces that the company is already present when the log is selected. Is it still the way you work?

Special is an interesting word. For us, of course, all our tables we were dreaming about are special, so you could say it is a special feeling, but, perhaps the most special point is that we tried to dream of tables that fit in most interiors, they can be the jewels of the space that surrounds them whether they are in a home or a work environment

All our projects start with going out to our manufactories, where logs are separated based on the wood types they belong to, and raw materials already cut into sheets and are waiting for their future function. After a thorough quality check, they enter the sawmill department, where we assemble and begin the creation process. Of course, this is the way we did this collection.

How unique are these tables? Are they all different?

The reality is somewhere between the two questions. We hide something unique in each of our tables, something special that we only show to the prospective owner. It is like a signature. However, our goal is to create reproducible pieces, so we can even produce them in large quantities. Yet, our fleet and our creativity want to satisfy unique needs and look for challenges. That’s exactly why we are travelling the world and storing a wide variety of wood from Africa through South America to Europe. Thanks to our surface finish and coloring technology, we can achieve effects that can serve even the most extreme requests.

What surface treatment did the tabletops receive? Do the tabletops have what it takes for a dining room table or writing desks?

All tables are surface treated with the Odie’s Oil hard wax oil product family. In addition to the fact that the product is 100% made in the United States, contains only organic ingredients, its resistance is amazing whether it is for private or public, outdoor, or indoor use.

How fast will you be able to deliver the ordered products?

We can produce all pieces in the collection within approx. 4 weeks. In case of customized, special needs, this may take longer. There have been some extreme examples, when it took 5 months from purchase to delivery, as some of our special surface treatments can involve 5-6 steps.

We want to introduce our customers to the wonderful world of woodworking. It is appreciated more when we experience the process of creation together. Our goal is to live and appreciate what nature gives us every day. Timbart does not just hand over the finished work. We believe that the surfaces we create, the furniture we create, can serve several generations. However, this requires attention and care. Our related and available service therefore is condition maintenance.



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