Designer Advent Zsuzsanna Horvath
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Post date: 2020.12.23

It’s that time of the year, and Solinfo has once again been feverishly preparing for the Advent period.
We celebrated our 30th birthday this year, and this also gave us the opportunity to review everything that has happened not just to us, but to all designers and artists in the recent period.
The world of design has not come to a halt in 2020 either. The way we worked has changed, and we certainly saw that – at times – things progressed more laboriously and slower. The year has taught us patience and persistence. We needed strength to continue onwards undeterred. We also needed designers to continuously keep creating. In many cases, these people are close personal friends and business partners. We mutually supported and gave strength to one another, and it was always an occasion to celebrate when they came out with a new collection, work of art or an innovative piece. This is why we gathered these up and are now presenting them to you over the course of 24 days, so that others like us, lovers of design, may look ahead to Christmas believing that 2020 was again an extraordinary year.

2020 again saw great and wonderful things created, and the global pandemic will not be the only thing that we’ll remember 2020 for.

A labour of love, we hope you like our selection presenting the most recent works and favourite pieces by designers we hold dear over 24 days.

This is the Solinfo Designer Guide.

“I draw immense inspiration from my travels and hikes. This is what true relaxation and intellectual refreshment is to me, and afterwards I’m filled with new ideas and recharged energy.” – Zsuzsanna Horvath

What are you most proud of as far as this year is concerned?

“What I’m most proud of this year is winning the Hungarian Design Award, and also my year-and-a-half old son, who in recent months has started to speak Hungarian beautifully.”

The biggest thing from Zsuzsanna Horváth this year: Illan

The Illan lamp is the mots unique creation by Zsuzsanna Horváth to date, which won the ‘Best Of’ award at Frankfurt’s Light + Building Fair as well as the Hungarian Design Award.

What is your priority project for next year?

“My priority for next year will, of course, be producing the prototypes for my new product collection, with the hope of presenting them at the Milan Design Week, if all goes according to plan. I am also extremely excited about my collaboration with Finnish company Vesalainen, as we are working hand-in-hand on developing an ergonomically-designed compact home workstation, and a joint project with Luceplan is possibly also in the works.”

The choice of Solinfo’s experts: Illan

Illan is a truly unique lamp of characteristic shape and warm light. Its uniqueness lies in its relaxing movement, which draws attention and tears you away for a moment from the frenetic pace of everyday life, telling you to stop and appreciate that moment before it slips away.

What represents eternal inspiration for you?

“I draw inspiration from the natural and built environment. I draw immense inspiration from my travels and hikes. This is what true relaxation and intellectual refreshment is to me, and afterwards I’m filled with new ideas and recharged energy.”

If the unique In Illan lamp, designed by Zsuzsanna Horvath
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“Simply put, design has always thrilled and excited us. We believe that we are deeply affected by the objects we surround ourselves with. Christmas is a wonderful occasion to surprise one another with true value.”
Thank you for cooperating and being with us this year, and we wish you happy holidays and a successful new year.

Zoltán Orbán and Krisztián Szetei, owners of Solinfo Group