Back to school
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Post date: 2019.08.28

School start is a time of excitement and anticipation for all ages. This also applies to parents as it matters greatly how and where a calm learning environment can be established for the children.
We have collected a few ideas for children of all types: for the serious, for the playful, for the ones hiding away in a corner and for the always-fidgeting. It’s not easy picking just one from the Solinfo Lighting & Home range.

Let’s start with an iconic Vitra piece. Compas Direction is the legendary desk from 1953 by French designer Jean Prouvé.

Slender and elegant. The desk’s splayed legs call to mind the hinged arms of a compass. The French designer’s engineering-based approach is apparent for this piece as well, with the strict structure of the legs well balanced by the oiled solid wood table-top. On account of its subtlety, it can act as a near-invisible fixture of a child’s room, without dominating space, but it would not be out of place either in an adolescent’s room with a more serious tone, perhaps with the metallic material of the desk legs also seen on other fixtures of the room.

The slender JFK desk by NORR11. A future favourite for all goody goody girls.

The JFK desk is a reinterpretation of the classic 60s office desk. The desk has a slim table-top of veneer with three inbuilt drawers. The drawers have an inner height of 4 cm, making it perfect for laptops, papers and various office supplies. Each drawer has a small knob with knurled texture, used by the designers – Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl – as reference to old radio buttons from the 50s and 60s. The name is a tribute to the classic Danish office desks, often used by John F. Kennedy during the 1960s.
The table top has a small space inside for a power distributor, making it easy to power both smartphones and laptops. An elegant desk without messy cables. Perfect for the outstanding student in your family.

NIDI’s range is the perfect choice for colourful personalities.

If your child likes bright, harsh tones, they’ll love NIDI desks. A major positive feature the Italian firm brings to the table is that all children’s pieces are modular, and accessories are available for even the simplest, single-drawer desk to extend the table-top and add additional storage components. Having the back panel wrap around the table-top, also creeping up on the sides is very trendy, this facilitates focusing and concentration and also slightly closes down the work area. If this solution is to your liking, it may be worth browsing through the diverse selection. We can also recommend the brand to those that don’t have much space to plan with as they offer several wall-mountable, legless solutions as well.

A traditional masterpiece from Vitra.

George Nelson originally designed the piece as a lady’s writing table. Made using high-quality materials, today the compact desk tends to be used in home offices, where it adds an appealing decorative accent with its multicoloured, practical compartments. But why couldn’t it also serve great purpose in a more serious, more adult teen room?

Vitra’s 1949 classic continues to be one of the most popular desks in the world.

The Eames Desk Unit (EDU) was constructed by Charles and Ray Eames, keeping in mind the fact that these were to be manufactured in the framework of large-scale, industrial production. The panels also function as a modesty shield and partially enclose the two storage compartments. The metal support frame is height-adjustable to accommodate uneven floors. The table-top and panels are variable, meaning that the end-result is easily and highly customisable.

A place to immerse yourself in your thoughts. This is Shelter by Northern.

Northern’s streamlined desk acts as a true shelter, providing a stronghold ideal for studying and working, and of course for storing essentials and artefacts. Where fidgeting children will surely calm down. The design is refreshingly simple, with virtually no excess features. The tabletop is bordered by perforated steel, while the surface itself is crafted from a smoked oak veneer, with a lighter, oiled oak veneer also available. Shelter’s versatility and simplicity make it a great fit for any type of environment.