Slow down and relax!
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Post date: 2020.01.07

The best thing to do as the fierce winter is slowly descending upon us is to stay at home and surrender yourself to slower life. There’s nothing wrong with retrieving from the noisy sounds of the outside world. Everything is quieter now, we can also be a bit more relaxed. In the following compilation, the most comfortable lounge chairs by two manufacturers are introduced. This is how Hygge feels in terms of lounge chairs – according to AndTradition.

Little Petra VB1 by Viggo Boesen

Initially introduced back in 1938, Little Petra won instant praise at the Copenhagen Cabinet makers Guild Exhibition, subsequently winning awards at exhibits in New York and Berlin. It’s one of just a few designs by architect Viggo Boesen, who became associated with Denmark’s signature design aesthetic in the 1930s called funkis style. Like Finn Juhl, Viggo Boesen liked the round and organic shapes, thus asserting himself as a radical counterpoint to the cold and slightly disembodied nature of the Bauhaus. Named Little Petra by Boesen’s mother-in-law in reference to its compactness and expressiveness. Low to the ground, open and embracing, Little Petra is an extremely comfortable lounge chair, allowing for all kinds of seating positions. Respecting Boesen’s love of cabinet making and noble materials, the legs of the chair have been crafted in oak or walnut.

Fly SC1 by Space Coppenhagen

The Fly Series by Space Copenhagen is a lounge collection made up of two sofas, an armchair, two tables and a pouf. Pushing the idea of lounging to its fullest, Fly is a series that allows the users to sit, lie, rest, and relax. Unlike many of the sofas and easy chairs in Scandinavian design history, Fly does not impose any particular posture on to the sitter. The seat itself is optimized for comfort, with loose cushions for the back that can be arranged according to the user’s own needs. This ounge chair comes in three different variants. But Fly adheres to tradition in other respects; the frame of the sofa and armchair, with a slatted back rest, is made from solid oak, treated with white pigmented oil or smoked oil. It is the type of material or treatment that ages with true grace only becoming more beautiful with time.

Catch JH13 by Jamie Hayon

With its out stretched arms like a friend ready to greet you with a warm, welcoming hug, the Catch Lounge Chair builds on Hayon’s penchant for humor and personification. At the same time, it introduces a higher back and elongated seat in a singular shell supported by a metal armature. The result is a leisure chair that’s angled back just a bit – so you can sit down, relax and, as the name implies – lounge.


Legendary French designer Pierre Paulin originally designed the Pacha Chair in 1975. Paulin designed the chair in harmony with the changing design style of its period, replacing the austerity of post-war design with a new, vigorous approach. Paulin managed to give a real elegance to the rounded forms of the Pacha Chair by finding the perfect proportions, raising it lightly on its base and tracing in the foam and upholstery with stitching lines inclined inwards.

Through pieces like the Pacha Chair, Pierre Paulin pioneered low-level living; a modern way of living and sitting on the floor, by getting rid of chair legs. With comfort as the constant starting-point in his designs, the curvaceous, whimsical and organic shapes of the Pacha Chair is conceived to serve the body, providing both comfort and cosiness. Looking as contemporary today as when it first was designed, the Pacha Chair is an honest, functional piece that brings life and character to any interior setting.


The new Bat Lounge Chair, which comes in a high and low-back version, is designed by Danish-Italian design duo Gam Fratesi. The chair carries strong references to the interesting characteristics of bats, with its inviting, distinctive shell reminiscent of the shape of a bat’s wingspan.

Balancing between the traditional and surprising, the Bat Lounge Chair is created with a Scandinavian approach to crafts, simplicity and functionalism while also carrying a strong embedded story and associations expressed in a minimalist idiom. The wide range of upholstery options and different bases makes the Bat Lounge Chair fit perfectly into a variety of public and private contexts.


The CDC.1 collection was designed by Carlo De Carli in 1954 and features the elegantly minimalist design style typical of the era.

The CDC.1 Lounge Chair & CDC.1 Sofa meet the ground in a graceful and slender way; their arms swooping like wings, giving the furniture a sense of poetic depth, whilst carrying a strong character. With their sleek silhouette and dynamic, angular lines the lounge chair and sofa marry streamlined functionalism with playful whimsy and are well-suited for conversation and relaxation in the modern residential environment.