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Post date: 2020.06.20

The best way to end a summer day is by relaxing on the terrace or patio, waiting for the sun to go down, watching the stars shine bright, and keeping an eye out for the inevitable shooting stars. The latest selection by Solinfo experts lines up lighting products that lend a special atmosphere to these warm nights and dress your garden for the occasion.

Ohm – Ifö Electric

The Ohm outdoor pendant brightens up the balcony, veranda and the backyard apple tree alike. This porcelain luminaire with a high gloss-glazed surface is available in white or black, attached to a durable and flexible rubber covered cord, ready to be hung in any outdoor environment.

Fila – Kettal

The Fila outdoor floor lamp has a textile cover tightly wrapped around its steel frame. It may look like simple at first glance, but come sunset, the textile lampshade lights up to create a colourful shadow-play.

AMS – B.lux

AMS (Arab Minimal Style) is a collection of exterior lamps, designed by David Abad for B.Lux. The purity of geometrical forms and deliberately random graphic design exist in unique symbiosis, and the resulting interplay of light evokes traditional Arabic lamps.

SetagoJH27 – &Tradition

The name of this quirky table lamp is made up of two parts. ‘Seta’, the Spanish word for mushroom, is reflected in the lamp’s appearance. The suffix ‘go’ refers to portability, as there are no electrical cords that would restrict placement in any location.

Captain Flint – FLOS

The Captain Flint lamp was originally designed to illuminate interior spaces, but the new version also functions as an outdoor light. It shines a light on exteriors, while blending with both the natural environment and the building itself.

Santorini – marset

Inspired by the lanterns found on fishing boats, the Santorini outdoor lamp allows you to create multiple compositions. You can choose how many lights to place on the diffuser, along with their order, position and direction. The pieces can be hung either individually or clustered together, and are available in white, grey and mustard.

Swam Floor 1.0 – Wever & Ducré

With its black and gold colours, the new outdoor lamp from Wever & Ducré at once blends into and stands apart from its surroundings. Using multiple Swam lamps, you can create a veritable corridor of light, one that shines a warm, inviting brightness into the night.

Venexia – Panzeri

The Venexia can function as a suspension, a wall lamp or a floor lamp. It has a cast glass head and turned aluminium plate. The floor version is available in three heights, while the wall version with fixed wall arm. Sparkling grey, varnished wood, matt brass and corten colour finishes.

Salerno – astro

The Salerno outdoor lamp is the ideal fixture for modern home exteriors. It emits subdued, dispersed light, to set the mood for beautiful summer evenings.

Intono – Luce & Light

Luce & Light’s new wall-mounted outdoor light has a simple, elegant design, but as a special feature it also has the ability to play music thanks to integrated speakers. In addition to the four standard finishes, it is also available with a primer coating, so that the fixture’s surface can be finished with the same wall paint as the one it is attached to.

Bright 316L – Luce & Light

Ideal for lighting in outdoor environments or pools – also suitable for the recessed illumination of swimming pools and fountains up to a depth of 10 m.

LuccaSC51 – &Tradition

This elegant portable lamp, inspired by the golden glow of the Tuscan city of Lucca, mimics the warmth of the city’s nocturnal lights. Intended as a multi-purpose piece, the Lucca easily transitions from indoors to outside. It can operate for up to 12 hours and is easily recharged with a USB cable.

Emma – Eldvarm

The Emma lantern is the youngest member of the popular series designed by Emma Olbers. It is the first product from Eldvarm to move away from traditional ‘fireplace accessories’ and is instead a product designed for relaxation or spending time with friends.

Metal lantern – Hübsch

The dark green colour of the metal lantern from Hübsch blends perfectly into outdoor vegetation, while the candle inside provides soothing brightness in the summer night.

Origi – society of lifestyle

Candles on your balcony, terrace create a wonderfully cosy atmosphere. With the Origi lantern, you can easily create friendly, warm ambience both indoors and outdoors. The lantern is made of iron and glass, and the antique brass colour gives it a raw, unique look. The candles add warmth and snugness to relaxing summer evenings.

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