Stay home – Guide to a stylish home office
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Post date: 2020.03.31

What happened in the past few weeks has brought about significant changes in all areas of our lives, including the modes of daily work. Many of us have been forced to work from home for a while. Home office is not simpler than working from an office, but it is at least not so complicated – once you know how to allocate your time for tasks, the situation becomes much more balanced. Of course, staying at home all day is not easy, so it is important to be able to separate working from relaxing as much as possible – not only in time but also in space. A workstation at home can be of great help to us, and so Solinfo experts have collected furniture and accessories for you to create one.

Palette – &tradition

The Palette table, designed by Jaime Hayon, is a great choice not only because of its special look, but also because of its practical design. Its clean, delicate features make it elegant and the stand protruding from the tabletop makes it easy to use. The curved shape gently surrounds us, making everything on the table easily accessible. It really makes working from home easier.

Oak table – Hübsch

Hübsch’s beautiful oak table, with its neutral colors and clean shape, looks great in any interior. Pull-out and open drawers can help you store and organize your records. It can be a great central piece for your home office.

Beetle Meeting Chair – GUBI

The castor base brings a corporate expression to the classic Beetle Meeting Chair and contributes to an elegant version for the traditional meeting chair. While the graceful seat ensures a high level of comfort for long meetings and conferences, the castor base embodies clean design with great functionality.

Copenhagen – &tradition

The hand-blown opal glass lampshade and the bronze pedestal at the same time impart an industrial look while providing a sophisticated and poetic look to Space Copenhagen’s desk lamp. You can adjust the brightness with the button on the base. Practical and stylish – such a lamp is a must in our home office.

Restore – Muuto

Muuo’s Restore container is truly unique: it is made from felt material made from recycled PET bottles. A versatile storage unit that lets you easily store your notes, paperwork, or anything you want for your work. Available in two colors, dark green and burnt orange.

Platform Tray – Muuto

Muuto Platfrom Tray fuses the functionality of Scandinavian design with Japanese artisanry. The created piece is not ordinary and only the imagination limits what we want to store in it.

Dédal Shelf – GUBI

The Dédal Shelf was designed in 1955 by Mathieu Matégot. The French-Hungarian designer created pioneering and innovative techniques such as combining metal tubes and perforated metal sheets – this has become Rigitulle. Dédal combines the hardness of the metal with the lightness of the fabric. It can stand alone but can be combined in countless variations. Several Dédal shelves work together to create a new design, a special geometric pattern that not only looks good on our walls, but also provides us with endless possibilities for storage and organization.

Tide Vase – Normann Copenhagen

Let’s surround ourselves with nice things while we work. The design of Tide was inspired by the wildness of the Danish North Sea, the strong wind and the vortices. Its dynamic shape evokes the movement of the waves, its grooved surface mimics the pattern of coastal sand. It looks pretty with a flower blossom or a spring bouquet, it makes our home office truly unique.