Necessary and useful: Tidying things up in the Spring
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Post date: 2020.03.13

With the arrival of good weather, we are increasingly tempted to start spring-cleaning. Solinfo experts have now collected shelving and storage systems that can offer great help for organizing – whether it’s the messy corner of our home or the chaotic conditions in our office.

New Order / HAY

Times are changing – and so is the way we organize our lives. The digital age has revolutionized our relationship to data, but also to architecture and furniture. With sensitivity to this new paradigm, New Order offers contemporary design solutions to fit the needs of our generation.

Our line of shelving and storage systems is well-suited to the domestic environment and complemented by a range of elements and extensions designed for the workplace. Versatile and modular, the furniture can be customized to your environment and tastes.

Haller System / USM

Make your dream office a reality. Design bespoke shelving, storage and display systems that elevate your workplace.

From the highest quality materials to the manual assembly of the furniture, our production process is guided by the desire to offer the best product quality in the greatest respect for the environment. The heart of the USM Haller modular system is its ball and tube chrome frame, offering infinite design possibilities. Design your furniture to the dimensions you want and select the features you need. Choose from 14 USM colours. Make the most of the modular system by designing furniture to a precise budget. Build a unit that fits your business now, then add to it at any point in the future as your company grows.

Stick System and Zet / MENU SPACE

The MENU SPACE storage systems, the Stick System and Zet are simple yet great items. The variety of combinations afford us to choose that piece that suits us best. The one that makes organizing the easiest for us. the one that has as many separate shelves as we need. And the one that most fits into the that interior. The choice is in our hands.

Stacked Storage System / muuto

The Stacked Storage System is both versatile and functional, consisting of storage modules that can be arranged on the floor with the podium or easily mounted on the wall. They can be used as anything you desire, from bookshelves to room dividers to side tables. This multi-functional, clean Scandinavian design works in every setting you could imagine, mix and match between colour ranges to create a system perfect for your space.

Compile Shelving System / muuto

With its simple and refined expression, the Compile Shelving System features clean lines in a solid construction. The lower wall on the back of each shelf gives the Compile Shelving System an understated sense of detailing along with added functionality. Create your own personal Compile Shelving System from its simple components or choose one of the eight pre-arranged solutions.

METRO vitrin, polc, állvány / Nordal

Beautiful playful design from Nordal! This Metro display cabinet is ideal for displaying all your favourite items. Made from iron.

RYLE / Broste Copenhagen

The Ryle large bookcase is a sleek and minimal styled bookcase that boosts contemporary geometric shelving. The Ryle large bookcase – consists of two large shelves at the base of the unit and three staggered half-width shelves located at the upper half of the unit. Available in black and white. „The bookcase would look ideal in virtually any interior.

GRADUATE / Molteni

Jean Nouvel has designed a brilliant wall structure resolved in a single shelf anchored to the wall or to the ceiling. Slender steel braces support adjustable shelves that seem to “magically” float in the air thanks to their invisible support mechanisms.

AVA / Molteni

The design, featuring a single V-shaped profile, is used here both for the framework and for the bookshelves. As always, the use of innovative technological materials is what defines this project. The design includes LED lamps, housed within the shelves. The back panel is made of a special aluminium sheet featuring a three-dimensional texture achieved with a laser cutter.