Lighting design for the Religious Centre in Vác: unique challenges and solutions
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Post date: 2023.06.05

We present the lighting design process of a religious center in Vác, where a chapel and a spiritual event center meet in one building. Our lighting designer Péter Tarjányi shares his views and professional experience on the project’s challenges, special requests and the solutions that made it possible to implement the hidden lighting and TV broadcasts

What was special about the project when you started designing the lighting for the Religious Centre?
The unique aspect of the project was that we had to design a combination of a chapel and a church event center. This meant that the building had to be able to host all kinds of church and non-church events. This was a multi-faceted task that required a special approach to lighting design.

What requests have you received from the client? Were there any special requests?
The client’s special request was that there should be no visible luminaires in the chapel, so we had to provide all the lighting indirectly. This was a challenge for us, as we needed to keep the luminaires hidden while providing sufficient brightness in the chapel. In addition, the space had to be suitable for TV broadcasts, so we had to meet a number of criteria when designing the lighting.

What difficulties did you face during the project?
It took a lot of negotiation and scaling up to find the right solutions. The biggest challenge was to keep the lights hidden in the chapel and to use only indirect lighting. To do this, we needed to find a lamp that would fit into the tight space, but at the same time be able to provide a strong light directed onto the roof to provide adequate illumination in the chapel. The XAL track lamp turned out to be the ideal choice.
There were also challenges associated with TV broadcasting. The pulpit, the altar, and the lectern had to be illuminated in a prominent position so that they could be seen on the screen. This required additional complexity and creativity to find the right solution.

What results have you achieved in the lighting design of the Religious Centre of Vác?
We are very proud of the project. We have succeeded in realizing the hidden lighting of the chapel, which creates a unique and atmospheric atmosphere. The XAL track lighting system met the client’s requirements perfectly. During the project, we achieved the client’s wishes and created a lighting system that allows for the successful realization of a wide range of events at the Religious Center.

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