Solinfo Lighting & Home deals with professional lighting, furniture and accessory design products since 1990, and it has become a primary partner to the Hungarian and international interior designers. Our product range is a great selection of the world’s leading manufacturers with whom we agreed to take a long-term commitment towards excellence, innovation and uniqueness. All of our projects are equally important let it be residential – private houses, apartments – or commercial – restaurants, office buildings, etc.  Our goal is to assist our customers’ needs to the best of our expertise.

Interiors for living

The experience and knowledge gained during the past more than two decades encourages us to always create new and exceptional things. In the spring of 2013 we opened a new lighting and furniture showroom in the heart of Budapest. This includes a café that serves as a Tom Dixon shop-in-shop. Only a year later we expanded our portfolio with an international lighting design office, unparalleled in our country. Thus, the almost 1000-square-foot privately owned showroom and office provides insights into the world we represent in our work.

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