Our favourites from the Maison & Objet exhibition
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Post date: 2024.01.25

Our team recently visited Maison & Objet 2024 to immerse themselves in the world of design. Held in the heart of Paris, this prestigious fair is a symbol of creativity and innovation in interior design and architecture. Discover our experts’ favourite brands and products!

&k Amsterdam

The designers at &k Amsterdam create original accessories and objects that embody a unique Dutch style. Drawing from modern art and contemporary vintage inspiration, the creators create unique gifts and accessories to add a vibrant yet relaxed charm to your home. And the collection offers you a more stylish, inspiring and personal home.

Pillar marshmallow pink

This playful product is stunning, creating a perfect harmony between its charming design and elegant functionality. This little piece of furniture not only adds a cheerful charm to any space, but also serves as a stylish accessory with its functionality, striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and utility.

Mirror Zigzag Pink

The mirror captivates with its charming design that perfectly combines modern aesthetics and a playful touch. The zigzag pattern not only adds a dynamic visual element but also exudes a vibrant feel, making it a unique piece that will effortlessly enhance any interior.


At New Mags, we celebrate the significant, the beautiful, the big, the small, the weird and the essential. No ordinary bookstore, it’s a carefully curated stack of lifestyle books, magazines and accessories to satisfy every passion and interest.

Icons by Oscar

Frank. Sammie. Paul. Andy. Twiggy. Sophia. Elizabeth. Elvis. Priscilla. Jim. Marlene. John. Yoko. Ginger. Janis. Mick. Jack. Fred. Salvador. Cher. Audrey. Not many are so iconic that their first names are enough to know who they are. These icons were captured by a photographer named Oscar Abolafia.

A Man and His Kitchen

Matt Hranek, the author of A Man & His Watch, Negroni and other bestsellers, has a direct connection with a certain male readership. For the first time, he’s produced a cookbook, A Man & His Kitchen, which invites you to his farm in upstate New York. The more than a hundred recipes here offer simple, straight-from-life, and most of all delicious dishes from Matt’s personal kitchen.

Chidy Wayne

The first book by Chidy Wayne, a Barcelona-based, Spanish-Guinea sculptor, celebrates a new chapter in the creative career of the artist who has worked in painting, sculpture, illustration and music. The book presents Wayne’s work in photographs and text, in collaboration with the Creative Voyage publishing house, and gives an intimate look into the artist’s studio and creative process.

Francois Halard – The Last Pictures

For the last four decades, François Halard has been a privileged observer of the world of art, interior design and culture. The Last Pictures is the concluding part of Rizzoli’s three-volume series, in which Halard collects personal and intimate images from around the world, presenting a unique visual picture of the expertise he has developed over the decades.

Norm I & II statue

The NormI and II is a unique piece in the New Mags range, characterised by its excellent design and functionality. Its simple yet elegant design makes it attractive to lovers of stylish accessories for everyday use.

Mambo factory

MAMBO FACTORY is a Portuguese design group with four designer brands. Their team works to create bold and elegant collections of furniture, lighting and tiles that resonate around the world, using craft techniques. Each piece draws on centuries-old traditions of Portuguese craftsmanship and each piece is handmade in Portugal.

Outdoor collection

MAMBO’s UNLIMITED IDEAS outdoor collection not only captivated our experts with its quality design and functionality, but also with its bright, playful colours that instantly create a good atmosphere in outdoor spaces. Sophisticated design and cheerful colours combine to make this collection truly special.


Gardeco’s main goal is to promote art and design to the widest possible audience through the world’s most exclusive interior design stores, renowned museum shops, art galleries, architects and interior designers.

Taat Collection

TAAT is a design studio in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where Tatiana Queiroz, jewellery designer, has developed her interest in object design over the years. For Gardeco, Tatiana translates natural soapstone from a local source into a universal, timeless and contemporary design language, enriching it with bronze ornaments. Her designs blend roughness and femininity, volume and lightness, while exploring the intersection of object design and sculpture, with an eye for purity of form and balance of line.


Founded in Belgium in 1992, Domani is a high-quality ceramics manufacturer with a passion for expert craftsmanship and the use of natural materials. They oversee every step of the production process, from the design of collections in Antwerp to the hand-made pieces near Pécs.

Muda Collection

The subtle and wonderful aspect of the collection lies in the choice of materials, which is also present in the Domani Muda collection.The patina is covered with a natural rust that has been weathered, slowly revealing the remnants of time, as if it were a blank canvas for the elements.

Ex.T – Bathroom accessories

Modularity, versatility and functionality are the hallmarks of Ex.t products, which present the bathroom as a dynamic space. It can now constantly transform and renew itself to meet the needs of contemporary lifestyles. They love Tuscany and Florence, their homeland, so our production is entirely local.

dooq Details – Furniture news

A Portuguese-born design firm that celebrates the luxury of life, Dooq creates designs that stimulate the senses, its conceptual approach based on the inspiration of unexpected clashes of opposites. The studio conducts detailed research into art design, creating an ever-evolving language that emphasises the importance of small things.
Our experts were impressed by the Baroque table, the Nouvelle Vague coffee table and the Vertigo armchair with their use of natural materials and raw yet rounded shapes, allowing the design furniture to fit into any space.

Giobagnara – Leather board games

Giobagnara and Poltrona Frau join forces in this collection to write a new chapter in luxury home accessories. The unparalleled expertise of Giobagnara’s master craftsmen meets the special Pelle Frau® leather developed by Poltrona Frau, guaranteeing water resistance, breathability and resistance to friction and stains, offering a high level of elegance, quality and beauty.

Maison & Objet 2024 was more than a fair; it was an immersion in a world where creativity knows no boundaries. The diversity of products and concepts on display underlined the dynamism of the design industry. As our team returned from this immersive experience, they were inspired to incorporate their newfound elements into their design endeavours.