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Solinfo’s experts have put together a selection of the most influential manufacturers’ winter and spring design innovations. The selection is characterised by clean shapes, natural materials, functionality and timelessness. Get inspired by the new releases, check out our selection!

Muuto – Couple Coffee Table

Inspired by the traditional tile table, the Couple Coffee Table is a refined merging of materials — FSC™️-certified (FSC-C028824) wood and ceramic stoneware. Made in a tactile ceramic stone material, it is a gentle nod to the durability of the brick, in aesthetics as well as quality. This sense of tactility is enhanced by the option of two different tabletop tiles; one with a plain and functional surface, the other with a more sculptural wavy feel.

Muuto – Wrap Lounge Chair

Wrap is a soft Lounge Chair with a blanket-like textile wrapped around its shell, allowing a deep sense of comfort with a strong sense of character. While its design is guided by the search for ultimate comfort, its generous shape is supported by a light steel frame creating a contrasting image of airy lightness. The draped upholstery is a result of extensive research and development as well as craftsmanship and knowhow. The Wrap Lounge Chair is simple, yet refined, combining a sense of ease with a strong design language. ​

Carl Hansen & Son – Sideways Footstool by Rikke Frost

With its organic shapes, it is a fine, characterful addition to its big sister – the Sideways Sofa. Designer Rikke Frost is known for the roundness and softness of her designs, and this is especially true for the Sideways Footstool.
The design is light with an elegant mix of materials. The footstool combines hand-turned oak with soft textile and invites relaxation – standing alone or in conjunction with other furniture.

Gubi – Pedrera Coffee Table, By Corsini & Ruiz Millet

The Pedrera Coffee Table is designed in 1955 by Barba Corsini for the loft space at the famous landmark, La Pedrera in Barcelona. The coffee table is with its slender base and glass table top, a light table that fits into any contemporary home. The inspiration for the base of the table came from the vaulted ceilings of La Pedrera, which goes again in the Pedrera lamps, thus being characteristics for both the collection.

Exporim – Team Shelf

EASY to use, EASY to understand and EASY to adapt. Versatility is the key. All its elements are modular enabling infinite combinations and applications. Team exemplifies the perfect balance between functional diversity and sustainability.

Exporim – Cask Lounge Collection

The Cask lounge collection is a modern take on classic rattan furniture that is both elegant and embracing. The combination of geometrical simplicity and classic techniques makes a contemporary design that is novel and familiar at the same time. The construction consists of two simple circular rattan shapes forming a mesmerizing geometrical shape held up by a row of classic back ribs.

Exporim – Nude Table Collection

Cut loose the unnecessary to find the beauty of simplicity: in the form, reduced to basic geometric figures; in the design, intentionally austere, but made explicit through subtle details such as the cone-shaped legs or the tabletop beveled edge; and in the materials, essentially strong to secure its persistence. The beauty and honesty of the Nude.


Featuring a wooden frame with elegant, tapered legs, the AAC 22 chair has a timeless and organic aesthetic. Retaining the fundamental idea shared by the AAC family, this model is characterised by a curved shell with a slightly higher back. Designed with optimal functionality in mind, the shell construction offers a deep, generous seat that combines inviting aesthetics with a high level of comfort, whilst the lower armrests provide good support and enable the chair to fit underneath a table or desk. The wooden base brings character and stability and is available in different finishes, with the post-consumer recycled plastic shell offered in a variety of colours. The multitude of variants and design combinations give this series great versatility in a wide range of corporate, public, and private contexts.

Kettal – Plumon Sofa Collection

The new outdoor family designed by Patricia Urquiola for Kettal is based on the concept of clothing, on dressing and undressing furniture. Adopting a tailoring approach, Patricia Urquiola designs the new family with a reference to the characteristic Brazilian spirit, which lives in abundant, roomy, comfortable furnishings, somehow evocative of distant landscapes and cultures. For Plumon, Urquiola designs a light structure, on which a tailored and padded dress is ‘moored’, wrapped.

Menu – Eave Modular Sofa

Allowing for total customisation of living and lounging spaces, the Eave Modular Sofa comes in a wide variety of seating modules as well as preconfigured designs. A fusion of timeless style and sumptuous comfort, the upholstered designs feature deep seats and curved backrests.
Carefully balanced proportions, deep comfort and precise upholstery define the corner sofa module, sized for larger configurations.

Menu – Jager Lounge Table

An archival design from 1941, Mogens Lassen’s foldable Jager Lounge Table is reissued to a modern audience. Its name comes from the merchant for which it was created, and its design is inspired by the folding stools and beds found in Tutankhamen’s Egyptian tomb. Shaped from wood – oiled oak or oiled walnut – brass fittings detail the iconic piece of Danish design. The table also features a brass plaque engraved with a unique serial number.

Meridiani – René Sofa

Visual dynamics shaped into organic forms, coming to life thanks to high craftsmanship: these are the expressive lines of the new René sofa designed by Andrea Parisio for Meridiani. Cozy and comfortable, bold in its combinations, this project shows the greatest flexibility, both in terms of available units and combination of the materials. The elements, with rounded seats and backs, complement each other in a game of free-standing or corner configurations. The semicircular, trapezoidal, round or rectangular ottomans that can also support trays available in different finishes, from wood to lacquers and with internal top in back-painted glass, marble, leather, bronzed brass or platinum steel, to convey even more heterogeneity to the project. René reveals the personality of those who choose it, thanks to modularities and materials able to transform this piece into a unique, totally personal project.

Molteni – Blevio Table

Ignazio Gardella’s Blevio table joins Molteni&C’s Heritage Collection, inaugurating a partnership with the Gardella Historical Archive: the first episode of a relationship based on research and exchange, destined to develop over the years to come. Elegant and geometrically linear, the Blevio table is rich in design, in details that reveal themselves to the attentive eye. It is the result of a process that removed the superfluous, of the perfect synthesis between form and function, of the careful and selective use of the material that was to become its main aesthetic feature.

Molteni – Yoell Armchair

Vincent van Duysen, an expert in the history of modern design, has restyled an archetype created in the 1950s and especially popular in America: the deckchair originally derived from the hammock, a traditional item of furniture in that part of the world. Supported by an elegant Black Ash, Eucalyptus or Sunrise Oak frame, Yoell reflects the distinctive feature of the deckchair, designed for relaxing in patios, living spaces and terraces blessed with a tropical climate. In his version, Vincent van Duysen underlines the difference with the systems of the original chairs, featuring textiles or straw with freedom of movement, by designing a brand new element.

Molteni – Cleo Sofa, Coffe Table

Cleo Sofa, a new design by the architect and creative director Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni&C, is a modular system consisting of various rectilinear, angular and self-standing elements that allow for a large number of compositions suitable for all kinds of living. The heart of the project is the frame, which is used for each individual component. A harmonious curvilinear shell, recalling a cosy place, which embraces seat and back without a break. The shell, upholstered in textiles or in leather, like the seat cushions, offers great comfort.

Cleo Coffee Table is a small domestic sculpture that derives from the professional experience of architect and creative director Vincent Van Duysen. A natural complement to the modular system of Cleo seating designed by Vincent van Duysen, it is a set of small tables marked by a geometry that recalls an ellipse.

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