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The Frankfurt Light + Building exhibition is managed by Messe Frankfurt, the organiser of Europe’s best-known trade fairs and business exhibitions. The focus of the biennial fair is on unique, forward-thinking lighting and interior design solutions that combine the values of design excellence and innovative technologies. The Solinfo team is a regular participant in the fair to bring you the latest products from cutting-edge manufacturers first hand. Join us to discover the latest trends in technical and design lighting!

IQ Lux 

Environmental consciousness and cutting-edge technology are intertwined in XAL’s new brand vision and their renewable energy-powered production is transforming the lighting industry. Every step of the manufacturing process minimises waste and maximises their sustainability efforts. They don’t just create lighting solutions; they pave the way for a cleaner future, layer by layer. Their 3D printers optimize traditional manufacturing methods and push the boundaries of creativity.

Flexxica – Cubber

The Acoustic Fabric Cubber Ceiling Lamp, a compact counterpart to the renowned Flexxica Roller, is a finely crafted luminaire. Upholstered in a wide selection of colors and fabrics, it boasts exceptional sound absorption capabilities, thanks to a premium acoustic sponge filling within the shade. This innovative design effectively absorbs a significant portion of incoming sounds. With an excellent lighting system, the lamp is particularly well-suited for office workspaces.

Wastberg – Raw collection

Working with the world’s leading architects and designers since 2008, Wastberg has created critically acclaimed lighting solutions that balance aesthetics with the finest technical features. Now they present a collection that in many ways reflects our times, with raw aluminium at the heart of the collection.
The ten lamps in the collection, all new or variations on existing lamps, are made of raw aluminium without surface treatment. From the outset, its natural textured surface suggests a rich depth of touch. Over time, stains, fingerprints and oxidation transform into a beautiful, distinctive patina.



The beam inside the BOMMA’s Flare ignites the magical spiral structure inside the crystal rod. This new collection pays homage to traditional glass-making techniques and allows architects and designers to create unique lighting installations for a wide variety of spaces.

Stellar Dust

The Stellar Dust pendant consists of countless dots that seem to float in space. Both the optical illusions and the remarkable effects of these crystal elements are perfectly suited to modern interiors. The crystal clear colour and universal round shape add to the versatility.



Libera goes far beyond the concept of linear light, thanks to its high customisability. Libera stands its ground in any environment, integrating miniaturised optics with smart technologies, elegant details and exclusive materials.


At Light + Building 2024 iGuzzini presents Filorail, the electrified track that blends invisibly into the architecture, thanks to an opening of just 3.6 millimetres. The Filorail is a technological innovation, which manifests itself in its efficiency, not in its visibility. The micro-connections allow you to install spotlights or other lighting systems, putting the lighting function at the centre. The low voltage Filorail can be combined with other lighting systems such as Newfo, Libera pendant, Palco LV, Robin, Laser Blade XS and Laser.



Inspired by the chandeliers of the past, Multidot offers a modern interpretation of this suspension, updating it in terms of composition and technology. A balance of tradition and innovation, a combination of memory and modernity, is reflected in the chandelier.


Infinita is also synonymous with freedom. It can be used on its own or in a series of suspensions. The configuration can be modified at any moment, even after assembly, to always meet your needs.

Linealight – D-WAVE

D-WAVE is a profile designed in every detail to meet all the designer’s needs. The material is 100% recyclable and the base is designed to accommodate the planned fixing systems: bracket and stake. Two anchoring modes that facilitate installation by adapting to the perimeter to be followed. Engraved on the base is the Recycle 3 logo, allowing the type of material to be recognised for proper recycling.
It is possible to fix D-WAVE to any floor, thanks to the quick-release steel bracket for firm and continuous anchorage along the entire length of the luminaire. Or it can be fixed to the ground by means of a steel spike, which can also be positioned at variable pitch, ensuring a continuous and secure anchorage around the entire perimeter.

Wever & Ducre


Style is not a question of opulence, but of sophistication. FINELLE is exquisite nonchalance, pure elegance: soft light shines through its opaque glass. Its shape? A subtle eye-catcher. Clear and delicate, the pendant light knows how to blend into any room – and yet transform it completely. Very classy, very chic. Simply very FINELLE.


Honour to whom honour is due? Big time! Whether it’s your favourite corner or a meeting place for everyone, LECA makes it easy to put your most beautiful spots in the well-deserved spotlight. Rotate and turn, tilt and swivel: The spherical spotlight is literally an all-rounder for any ceiling installation. Truly spot-on for your home.

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