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1073 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén utca 3.

Solinfo Group’s newest store, Solinfo Shop is all about stylish accessories. Get to know the exceptional home goods of Tom Dixon, or indulge yourself with Native Union’s luxurious tech accessories.

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Solinfo Shop

The home of carefully selected top-quality home accessories. Klong, Design Letters, Lucie Kaas, Tom Dixon, Native Union, Broste Copenhagen, Hübsch, Klippan, HAY, Novoform, Normann Copenhagen, Ibride, Eldvarm. With 30 years of expertise in selected collections and from major manufacturers.

Solinfo Webshop

Just a few clicks from the most beautiful design pieces. Carefully selected home accessories by Solinfo experts are now available online. Solinfo webshop makes shopping simpler and more transparent without having to leave your home and to choose from the finest design products.

Tom Dixon

Get to know a true British design icon! Experimental design, advanced production techniques and extravagant style. Upgrade your home styling with Tom Dixon's lavish accessories!

Native Union

Technology is absolutely intertwined with our everyday life. With Native Union's selection of premium Apple accessories, you can be sure that your devices are not only supremely helpful, but also supremely stylish.

Solinfo Shop

Rumbach Sebestyén u. 3. 1077 Budapest
+36 1 550 5666

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