The Vipp design story — Part 2: the V1 & V2 kitchens
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Post date: 2022.01.21

In the previous part of the Vipp design story, we showed you how the Vipp brand went from an era-defining design to MoMa, and now you can find out why this is important in the life of Solinfo and why Vipp V1 and V2 modular kitchen systems have been included in the Home of Solinfo portfolio.

As we shared in our previous blog post, the brand underwent a change of approach and growth in the late 2000s: Morten Bo Jensen was appointed as head designer, the kitchen and bathroom portfolio was expanded, and the new generation adapted and put Holger’s functionality in interior design and design first. After the continuous success and professional acclaim, the question was how far they wanted to take their new design philosophy.

A kitchen to match the Vipp bin: the Vipp V1 kitchen

Since 1939, every Vipp product has been born from the same idea: to make long-lasting tools for everyday life. After expanding the product range, Vipp wanted to take on other, larger projects, and so the Vipp V1 kitchen was born – currently available in our Home of Solinfo store.

The Vipp kitchen is a modular concept where the units are seen as building blocks. There are four types of modules; island, island with seating, wall and high modules. The versatility and customisability of the kitchen is reflected in the fact that each module can be built with pre-selected elements to suit different needs.

The kitchen is characterised by a timeless design that does not adapt to rapidly changing trends but is based on a carefully considered system. No compromises in the use of materials, no unnecessary extras. Only function.

From the first concept store to Vipp Home

After designing the first kitchen system, the brand opened a succession of stores, realizing dreams even bigger than the kitchen system itself. In 2011, they opened their first concept store, and in 2014 they presented a five-star campsite and retreat of their own design for those who wanted to get away from the city buzz.

The Vipp Hotel project also started in the early 2010s, with unique rooms, apartments and lofts at various addresses that can be rented out. The Vipp Hotel’s iconic second hotel room was completed in 2017: this is the Vipp Loft, a 400 m2 design experience on the roof of the Vipp office, near the Copenhagen harbor.

In 2019, in addition to the completion of their entire furniture collection, the Vipp Chimney House was built. Named after its turreted chimney, the Vipp Chimney House is the result of the reconstruction of an old Danish water pumping station built in 1902, and also preserves the national history of the place.

In the new decade, their Ny Østergade shop and showroom reopened as Vipp Home after months of renovation.


The latest kitchen system: the Vipp V2 kitchen

In 2021, the brand has introduced a new modular kitchen system: the Vipp V2 kitchen, also available at Home of Solinfo.

The result of the design is a new kitchen system where dark oak and Jura marble create a design language that takes us from
Danish roots all the way to Japan through a simple and sophisticated aesthetic idiom. The modularity and building-block approach familiar from V1 is also echoed in the V2 kitchen, so you can just as easily assemble your own version from pre-selected elements.

While the stone and oak mark a new approach to materials, V2 also sees the return of Vipp’s favourite material, extruded aluminium. Rounded aluminium profiles with ribbed detailing serve as discreet and integrated drawer and cabinet handles, while there are also repeating internal fittings such as a softly moulded silicone cutlery divider.

Anodised aluminium cabinet doors with their refined facade give the V2 kitchen a playful and sophisticated look, while ribbed glass adds transparency to the concept of a functional kitchen system.

You can see the Vipp V1 and V2 kitchen systems live at our Home of Solinfo store at 1075 Rumbach Sebestyén utca 19!